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A simple heart rate counter designed using timers and counters.
Design of a tweaked frequency counter used to measure heart rate using photoplethysmography. 

Reverse engineering an automatic air freshener machine
How I fixed this machine and reverse engineered the circuit to know how it is working.  

This video is on how to make your own fire sensor from scratch. It also describes how to
interface with arduino and how to generate logic signals from the circuit. 

Tutorial video on two simple transistor circuits based on the basic concepts of operation of a NPN transistor. 

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The one who gets excited about things that very few cares about.

Passionate electronics enthusiast, always eager to tweak, create and learn. Hedonist in the process of design, development and tinkering of electronic circuits. Freelancer, B.Tech in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, interested in the field of  hardware development, analog electronics, biomedical instrumentation, robotics, embedded electronics and PCB designing. 

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Nature lover and martial artist (Taekwondo practitioner), traveler, love photography, videography and graphics designing.

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